Story of a blind pony.


Nightlight walked into the house first, his face getting blasted by the cool air of the A/C while opening the door; a nice change in temperature compared to the blistering heat he and his sister endured on the 5-hour carriage ride here.

Candle followed after him, stepping into the building she left her cane leaning against the wall after closing the door behind her. She tapped her hoof, listening to the sound it made as it echoed in the scantily furnished room.

"Wow! This place is bigger than the old apartment we were staying at in Fillydelphia!" she exclaimed excitedly while looking around the room.

"Yeah…" He said, giving her a despondent look while keeping his eyes affixed to her’s. "It’s not too colorful though, so you can’t see much in here though…"

The room goes quiet, them both exchanging glances (or at least Candle attempts to).

Breaking the tension, Nightlight pulls out a glass case, one you would see in a museum, typically holding some sort of priceless artifact. This particular case had a large cut piece of amethyst inside of it. Nightlight pulls out a plug that ran out of the side of it and inserts it into a socket in the wall near the ground. Placing the case on a small table on the opposite side of the room from the entrance he presses a switch on the side of the case; the light inside of the case shine through the amethyst, allowing it to sparkle and glow a magnificent purple.

Candle’s eyes are entranced by the new color in the room, this being one of the only thing that really is noticeable in her eyes compared to this room which looks basically like one huge dark brown blur to her.

"I hope she is happy we finally have a real home." Nightlight sighs.

"I know she would be." Candle happily says to her brother.

The Beginning

A brown pony sits inside a carriage with her brother, looking quite sad.

"I hate doing this, Night!" she says, groaning and stretching. "I keep losing friends from all this moving!"

Her brother looks at her with a sad expression, he too seems to be upset about moving too.

"I know you do, Candle, but really don’t have much of a choice…" His voice becomes softer than before, his tone matching his melancholy expression. "You know what I am doing is for you…"

This is their fourth move of the year, and it is only Mid-March.

Candle’s complaining tone of voice calms down a bit after hearing his tone. “Will this be the last one, Nightlight?” She looks up at him, her cloudy eyes glistening at him.

"Yeah." He smiles at his little sister. "I promise."

The carriage stops in front of a small two-story house.

"Welcome to your new home, Candle."

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